SEO India

With more than a billion searches on Google, SEO India has now become the most economical marketing strategy for every company and brand. With a result driven passion and years of experience, our highly skilled team can help your brand to have a competitive edge on search engines. We have experience of working with clients in multiple industry domains which make us reliable to work with you. Our goal is to make your website a cash cow, which drives high-quality traffic and gives you leads which are easy to convert. So, the bottom line is, we help you to grow your business with white hat SEO practices. Having a holistic approach is our strategy to rank your website on the top of search engines. We start our SEO process by making deep research of your industry followed by finding the top leaders in your industry. Our next step is to carefully examine and observe their website and SEO strategy. Ranking your website with the top leaders will help you to achieve business goals and develop brand equity.  We offer affordable SEO services in India.


SEO is crucial for every business in today’s era. Not only it contributes to the growth of your business but also improves the visibility of your business. Helping in increasing your brand’s trust, reliability and credibility are some of the benefits of SEO. Ranking website higher on search engines creates a good image of your website in minds of people. Thus you gain their trust and strong brand equity is built. SEO drives natural traffic to your website and makes your website more engaging. Better user experience is delivered via SEO by giving a clear message about your brand and services to your customers, which in turn improves your conversion ratio. Compared with all marketing activities, SEO is the most economical and delivers the highest ROI.


Keyword Reseach

Keyword research is the first and foremost process of Search Engine Optimization. Ranking on relevant keywords will not only drive quality traffic but also grow your revenue. Our approach for selecting keywords for your business is choosing keywords that have low competition and high search volume. Suggesting long tail keywords that grow your business is also one of our strategies. These keywords are designed on the basis of your services or products and location. The primary benefit of ranking on long tail keywords is you get filtered and relevant visitors on the website which is more likely to be converted. For doing this, we use some renowned and best keywords research tools. From the selected keywords, we finalize the keywords that have a smart number of searches so that your website traffic will be increased. All the selected keywords are shared with the client by us along with their search volumes, with the intent of delivering the best. Next process is the mapping of keywords with the web pages. This process should be done carefully, as page connected with the keyword should give complete information of the topic to be covered on the web page. We position the keywords on the web pages that match best with them.


On Page SEO

After deciding the keywords to be targeted, we start the ON Page SEO Process. Basically ON Page SEO is the changing of website structure and optimizing it completely to make it compatible for top rankings on search engine. We have a holistic approach for this SEO Process as we do complete and deep research of the competitors’ website and pass all the checks that affect the search engine rankings. The process starts with the preparing of Meta title and description by keeping in mind the keywords followed by deciding the heading tags. With the help of highly skilled and professional content writers, we help our clients with high quality and unique content for the covered topics. We make sure that all the URLs of the website are SEO Friendly by changing all URLs that have the wrong structure. We put a Sitemap.XML and Robots.txt on the website to make the crawling of the website easier for search engines. Foremost check to complete is the website loading time, the faster your website is loaded the more it is loved by search engines and users. We suggest the client make it responsive so that it will be suitable for devices of every size like a laptop, computer, mobile, tablets etc. Last but not least we do not miss Alt tag in any of the images and optimize every image with suitable titles and tags on the webpage.


SEO India

Off Page SEO

After completing on page SEO checklist, we move on to off page SEO. Off Page SEO is basically building links of your webpage on different sites that help in achieving top ranks on the search engines. These activities give you the link juice that helps in building good domain authority of your website and brings organic traffic to your website. Off page SEO mainly focuses on three areas, these are link building activities, social sharing and blogging respectively. Our strategy of link building is to build high quality and relevant external backlinks that will help in achieving the top rankings of your website. We build both do-follow and no-follow backlinks in the right ratio so that it would become easier for our clients’ website to bypass their competitors on search engines. With our holistic approach for SEO, we do a deep and regular analysis of competitors’ backlinks with help of some very good SEO tools. We do a list of off page SEO activities on a regular basis, these activities are social bookmarking, profile creation, guest posting, blogging, and video and image submission. Off page SEO is a must for building authority and trust in eyes of search engines.  So a website with relevant and high-quality backlinks will be ranked higher in the search engines.


Global and Multiple Countries SEO

We provide services of global SEO to our clients. With global SEO Services, you can rank your website globally or in multiple countries of the world. Along with it, our highly skilled team also offers multilingual SEO, that means ranking your website on top of search engines in different languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French etc. There are many benefits of global SEO, the primary one is you will have a larger target audience and you can provide your services across the globe.


Local SEO

If you are planning to promote your products and services to nearby areas of your company, then local SEO is the best solution for you. We provide Local SEO Services for small companies, shops and individual business such as plumbers, technicians, teachers, dance class, small hotels, restaurants etc. Local SEO will help them to promote their services in nearby areas. It is the best way to increase your customer base and credibility in the local market of your business.


Enterprise SEO

We offer Enterprise SEO services to our large and MNCs clients. Enterprise SEO is beneficial for the companies who have a multi-level business process, products and services.  As an enterprise website is large in size and has many pages, we do an analysis of keywords for every product and service they are offering. This type of SEO requires a special skill set as it is for the large sized agencies.


E-Commerce SEO

Are you looking for the SEO of your Ecommerce Store, then we are the right choice for you. We do products based and category based SEO for your Ecommerce store.  With the E-Commerce SEO, you will gain your clients and it will build your brand.


Industry Based SEO

DigitizeIn Offers SEO based on your industry. Every Industry has a different strategy for SEO campaigns. We extract best SEO strategies right from ON page to content and off page SEO for your industry. We do it for every type of industry such as medical, real estate, IT Industry, Law firms and many more.



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