Questions To Ask Before Hiring SEO Company

Questions To Ask Before Hiring SEO Company

Internet has made it presence all over world and it has become a primary source of generating business. SEO can take your business to new heights and can give you huge profits. Well it starts with hiring a right SEO agency. Basically there are three types of SEO companies. First is individuals and freelancers, the second one is a professional team of SEO and the last one is in-house SEO team for large companies. Before selecting the company, make your goals clear to them. Why you want to do SEO?

Questions To Ask While Hiring SEO Company In India:

  • 3 Months Plan: Start with asking 3 months plan of activities from them. This document should include all the activities they will perform. What will be the outcome of those activities after 3 months? As SEO is a long term process, this will give you an idea that whether you are getting results and will you get rankings in the committed time. Along with this report also get a document for the entire process of SEO.

  • Process Of Communication: Get to know that how they communicate with their clients. What is the time period of sharing report with the clients? Consider fortnight reports to be shared with them as it is best to analyse the progress of rankings. Ask for the format of the report shared with them. This will get you an idea that what all is included in their report and how they show the activities done.

  • Portfolio: Ask for two or more existing clients for whom they have done the project. It’s better to consider the projects for the same industry as yours. Check out on which keywords they have worked and what the search volume of those keywords is. Also analyse the increase in traffic on the website. Compare the initial traffic and the traffic on website after completion of the project. This can be done by Google analytics.

Well these questions will give you an exact idea whether the SEO company you are hiring is good for your business or not.

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