How to find best SEO Company for your website?

How to find best SEO Company for your website?

A majority of your customer search your products and services by keywords. More than 3.5 billion searches are done every day. That’s why importance of SEO has increased over past few years. If you are thinking of SEO of your website, then at the end of the day you have to make no mistake while deciding for the right one. Your small mistake will not only waste your money, but also your time which will affect your plans of achieving organizational goals.

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Points to follow to find Best SEO Company in India:

Check Out their Website: First and most important step is to check the website of service provider. Have they provided every detail about them? Browse through each and every section of their website. To check the skill set of employees, browse through their career section. You will get an idea of what kind of employees they hire. Check their reviews on google, other sites like glassdoor and indeed. Checking linkedin company page and employees profile on linkedin will also give you a clear picture of the experience and skills of the staff.

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Size of Team: Look at the size of company by visiting their office. Some companies are outsourcing companies, which take projects by their selling skills but they do not have team, they forward project to other companies. Always give you SEO project to an organization that is a full service digital marketing agency and has a good team which is enough to handle any size project.

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Know about History of Company: Get to know about the company history, how old they are? How many project they have successfully completed. What is their top rank for competitive keywords? Also, have they ever done any projects in your industry domain? This will give you an idea about services they will provide and how will they handle your projects.

Prices and Packages: Carefully examine and compare what packages they are offering. Are you getting your value for money? What activities they have mentioned and what is the quantity of those activities. It’s also important to ask them time period of the successfully delivery of project and the guarantee of the project delivery. Look for the affordable SEO Company in India to find such a good company.

Other Services: Also confirm about other services offered by them such as social media optimization and marketing. You will have your demands fulfilled at one place.

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